Attorney’s Corner

Why Us? Here are some reasons!

1. We treat our clients on a Lien Basis

2.We have Extensive Postgraduate Training in Personal Injury and Worker’s Comp.

3.  We generate thorough, Colossus Friendly Reports which are accurate and are Written and completed in a timely manner (usually less than two weeks).

4.  Multiple Clinic Locations (Click Here)

5.  We are willing to testify as Expert Witness on your trials on lien basis.

6.  We are Knowledgeable Regarding the Bio-dynamics Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident.

7.  You can expect professional case management including Good Record Keeping.

8.  Professional staff including Orthopaedic Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists and LIcenced Massage Therapists.

9. We are Concious to offer Proper Treatment Programs Including

A Reasonable # Of Visits With Reasonable and Customary Charges.

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